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China has launched a special fuel cell engine for new energy vehicles


Recently, a new energy vehicle fuel cell engine has been launched in China.
According to the relevant responsible person, "the rapid dynamic response fuel cell engine research and development" project based on the new energy transportation sector military and civilian depth
Will be on low cost and high degree of integration, compact fuel-cell generator module, a new type of screw air compressor, hydrogen circulation pump, flywheel energy storage and fuel cell technology integration innovation technology such as the power output of the development of establishing independent innovation system of fuel cell car technology is of great significance to the development of new energy automobile industry in our country.The "rapid dynamic response fuel cell engine research and development" project is made by the ministry of science and technology In compliance with the approved high technology research and development center of national
2017 key special new energy vehicles, and research unit covers the 712, tsinghua university and other 12 domestic first-class fuel cell engine, key components research and development unit and the manufacturer.