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300A Gasoline Welder Generator KB300A

Basic parameters

Carbin 300A Gasoline Welder Generator is designed for outdoor work site with no urban electricity, powering welding electrode size 2.5-5.0mm. Compact unit size for easy movement for outdoor jobs.


Carbin brand Smart Engineering Welder outputs 300A current strong enough to power argon arc welding, making possible to operate welding job and power generating at the same time, being a pioneer in powering 300A welder with single cylinder gasoline engine for best cost-effective benefits.

Model KB300A
DC Welder Generator CCC Certification CCC Certified
Welding Mode Manual Arc Welding
No Load Voltage 65 V
Welding Voltage 22-28 V
Welding Current 70-300 A
Continued Load Running Rate 60%
Auxiliary Power Output DC,  230 V,  1000 W
Welding Electrode Size 2.5-5.0 mm
Engine Engine Model 190F
Engine Type Single Cylinder, Air Cooling, 4 - Stroke, OHC
Fuel Supply System Carburetor
Displacement 420 CC
Starting Method Recoil
Fuel Tank / Oil Capacity 6.5L/1.1L
Welder Generator Parameters Gross / Net Weight 56 / 54 KG
Packing Size  L×W×H 570×535×570 mm
Container Load 160 units/20GP,360 units/40GP,360 units/40HQ