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9KVA Diesel Double Voltage Generator under Carbin Brand

Basic parameters

Double Voltage Gasoline Generator Technology featuring: Carbin brand 9.KVA Smart Double Voltage Gasoline Generator Set makes synchronous three phase (380V) and single phase (220V) AC output come true for simultaneous operations at both outputs. Patented technology provides easier operations with Carbine Smart Double Voltage Gasoline Generator.


Carbin brand Diesel Double Voltages Generator is to power both single phase load and three phase load together at the same with total load less that rated powered output.


Model KB-D12000E 9.0KVA  Double Voltage Diesel Generator
Generator Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Rated Voltage 220V / 380V
Rated/Max Current 21.0-36.0 / 25.0-45.0 A
Rated /Max Power Output 9.0 / 10.5 KVA
Output Type (AC/DC) AC
Phase (Single/Three Phase) Synchronous Single Phase + Three Phase Output
Voltage Regulating Mode AVR
Power Factor 1.0 
Engine Engine Model 195F
Engine Type Single Cylinder, Air Cooling, 4-Stroke, Horizontal, 
Direct Fuel Injection
Bore×Stroke 95 × 75 mm
Displacement  532 CC
Max Power Output 12.5/3600  hp/rpm
Starting Method Recoil /Electric Key Start
Fuel/Oil Capacity 25 / 1.1 L
Complete Generator Parameters Gross/Net Weight 117 / 113  KGS
Dimension    L×W×H 735×485×600 mm
Packing Size     L×W×H 755×530×620 mm
Container Load Q'ty  99 units/20GP,   200 units/40GP,  270 units/40HQ

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